Welcome in "Powerful Sorrow ", the TFL approved fanlisting for the strong and hot head Daisukenojo Bito (Beat) from The World Ends With You (orignal name: Subarashiki kono sekai)!

Beat is one of the main characters of this game and also my favourite one. He is a brainless hot head but also a totally kind and pure heart. I love the story he own and him way to be. I choose the name "powerful sorrow" cause he regret to be the motivation cause her sis died and he want bring her back strongly and be a good brother.

If you're a Beat's fan, take a look around and feel free to join! I'll add some pics as soon I can do!

The fanlisting was originally owned by Nekoi Echizen, my beloved sister. She gave it to me, and I am incredibly thankful for giving me a chance to adopt it!

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